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A demonic thought-form of greed: Besant
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Through the power of attraction complete centres take form, which, by means of their accumulated energy, exercise a great influence upon human beings. Subsequently, the world of thoughts is densely populated. There are thoughts centres of hate, envy, jealousy, greed, lustfulness, and all other evils, which, through their greatest number of associates, form the strongest power centres in the world of thought-forms – far less than those of purity and love.

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PreThinking Eating

Is Your Diet Robbing You Of Health & Wealth?

Of what use is intellect and volition, without a healthy body for their marvellous expressions?
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For the Joy of Eating
Explore the art of food balancing that leaves “Diets” in the shade!

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In Praise of the Pomegranate

Once you read this book, you will never again look at a pomegranate with less than an adoring eye!